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Safari Baby Gym Toys ( African animals - Giraffe, Elephant, Lion )

Safari Baby Gym Toys ( African animals - Giraffe, Elephant, Lion )

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Our set of Safari baby gym toys includes:

  • 1 x GIRAFFE soft crochet rattle
  • 1 x ELEPHANT soft crochet rattle
  • 1 x LION soft crochet rattle

Natural materials and neutral pallet of our toys create a peaceful, earthy vibe for your baby's play zone.

♥ The inviting soft cotton texture of the rattles offer a fun distraction for babies while stimulating development of their visual and motor skills.

Each toy is lovingly hand crocheted from high quality 100% cotton yarn, stuffed with polyester filling and has a plastic rattle inside. The toys measure from 4" (10 cm) to 5" (13 cm) in height. Your baby’s safety is our top priority, so all toys feature embroidered eyes.

Toys are hand washable.

SAFETY: Baby gym should only be used under an adult's supervision. Do not assemble while the baby is underneath the baby gym. Check the toys every time before you give them to your baby. Toys with loops should be used as hanging toys only. When you stop using them as hanging toys cut off the loops before giving the toys to a baby.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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